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A very big Hello and Welcome to CRITTER COTTAGE
- Your Australian Online Pet Shop

We know and care about pets. In fact, that's exactly how our business started - with the proverbial menagerie of animals here at the Cottage, we were becoming frustrated at the lack of really ingenious, innovative, exciting and just plain different pet products and accessories for pet dogs and cats available in Australia.

One of our favourite things to do is to go "pet-shopping", that is, exploring all the petshops around for new toys, treats and accessories for our critters. But more and more often we would come home empty-handed, sadly disappointed in the lack of really "different" new pet products for our animals.

So we started searching further afield - all around the globe in fact. And we found some pretty amazing products for pets. So we figured, if we thought it was great, and our pets loved their new toys and accessories, your pets would probably think they were pretty fantastic too!

unique, unusual and innovative supplies for dogs and cats. Your Australian Online Pet Shop

After many months of searching, we have put together a great selection of really innovative new products for your pet dogs and cats. It certainly doesn't stop there though! We make it a point to "ferret" out the very best new pet products to bring to you, so our pet supply range is constantly being updated as we find new and exciting things to bring to you and your furry family members.

We've brought you innovative dog supplies to help with dog training and behaviourial problems, such as puppy toilet training, and devices to control your dog's nuisance barking. You will find cute cat beds for your pampered puss and cosy houses for your devoted dog, beds to keep your pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We've got pet supplies to help with clean-up, from in-ground dog waste disposal systems, down to a very stylish cat litterbox, even devices to help train your cat to use the toilet! Innovative dog toys and interactive cat toys, as well as a great range of accessories for traveling with your dog. Many of our exciting pet supplies are exclusive in Australia to Critter Cottage!


And yes! Our pet supplies have been tested on animals. In the very best possible sense of course. That is, the pet products we offer have been tested at the Cottage by our furry management team - before we offer a product for sale, the original sample has been slobbered on, chewed up, slept in, sat on, eaten out of... you get the picture! Every pet product has the Cottage's official paw stamp of approval before being offered to you and your cats and dogs, so you can be assured you are getting a quality item that your furry family member is just going to love!

Some pictures of the furry management team hard at work:-

Online Pet Shop Australia
Pet Supplies Online
Charlie Boy- Assistant Director
Smudgie Woo - Quality Control Manager
Dog Supplies & Accessories
Cat supplies & accessories
Tango - Security Director
Pixie LuluBelle- Communications Manager
Online Pet Shop AustraliaOnline Pet StoreAustralia Online Pet Shop
Peanut, Henry & Willow - Packaging Supervisors

Please enjoy your pet shopping experience and thank you for choosing CRITTER COTTAGE - your online pet shop!

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