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Pet Welfare, Lost & Found, Rescue

Animals in Distress
An animal rescue charity with two sanctuaries in the northwest of England, dedicated to the well being, shelter and re-homing of all kinds of animals, in distress or lost.

GAPAH Australia
Give A Pet A Home - Find a pet or list your pet for free. Interesting Articles, pet events and resources for pet lovers.

We offer a Photo ID card for pets designed to be attached to their cage or carrier. It provides information on the pet and owner to facilitate proper care and reunification should they be separated.

Save Our Strays
Save Our Strays is a very small group of volunteers. Providing a loving, safe home for senior and special needs dogs and cats that have been abandoned.

Victorian Animal Aid Trust
Animal Aid Pet advice, pet education, and finding homes for abandoned animals. Animal shelter working to find homes for dogs and cats, promote responsible pet ownership and educate pet owners so they maximise their experience with their pet.

Animal Welfare League NSW
Animal Welfare League NSW is Australia's second largest animal welfare charity comprising of 2 Centres and 14 volunteer-run branches state wide, appointed to government boards and committees in the formulation of animal welfare legislation. AWL NSW continues after 47 years, to be a leader in current thought and practice on animal welfare issues.

Animal Welfare League of Queensland
The Animal Welfare League of Queensland Inc. (AWL) is a non-profit, non-government funded, charitable organisation. We rely on community support through donations, fundraising efforts and volunteers. The Gold Coast and surrounding communities should be immensely proud, as it is their support which has enabled the AWL to provide for the thousands of animals in need over the years.

Animal Welfare League South Australia
Animal Welfare League South Australia

Animals Asia
Animals Asia is a Hong Kong-based charity, dedicated to ending cruelty and restoring respect for all animals in Asia. Our projects include our rescue of 500 farmed bears in China is building a momentum to end bear farming forever by working with the government and the local community.

Dogs Deserve Better: No Chained Dogs!
Dogs deserve better than to live as chained dogs or penned dogs. Dog chaining or dog penning is not acceptable, and we must work together to unaccept it. A chained dog lives as a prisoner, yet longs to be a pet. Help us help them today.

The Lost Dog's Home and Cat Shelter
The Lost Dogs' Home and Cat Shelter is one of Australia's largest animal welfare organisations. Our mission is to look after and reduce the number of sick, stray, abandoned and unwanted animals. Our shelters care for tens of thousands of animals every year. We are not government funded therefore we rely on community support.

PAWS comprises a small group of self-funded rescuers and volunteer foster carers and walkers whose primary aim is to help lost or abandoned animals in NSW, Australia. We are only a small group of people doing their best to help animals who find themselves in the Pound through no fault of their own. We rely mainly on word of mouth to promote our website, which features animals who are either currently in the Pound, or who have been rescued from Death Row and placed with a foster carer. Many people want to adopt an animal from a Pound or Shelter but find it confronting to be faced with many animals in cages who may be killed if homes are not found in time. By featuring their photos and stories on our website it is possible to save a life without the "emotional trauma" of visiting the Pound in person.

Mission: To prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. Vision: To be the leading authority in animal care and protection. "freedom to express natural behaviour, freedom from hunger, thirst & discomfort, freedom from pain, injury & disease."

Stop Puppy Mills
The Humane Society of the United States works to shut down puppy mills and to promote the protection of all animals through a wide range of programs.

Unchain Your Dog
Doesn't Man's Best Friend Deserve More than Life on a Chain? Chaining Dogs is Cruelty

WSPA: World Society for the Protection of Animals
World Society for the Protection of Animals. Vision: "A world where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends" Mission: "To build a united global animal welfare movement"

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