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Citronella Spray
Anti-Bark Collar

Is your dog's barking driving you (and your neighbours) crazy? Is your dog a nuisance barker who makes a lot of fuss (and noise) about nothing very much at all? Uncontrolled nuisance barking is a serious problem and the number one cause of complaints between neighbours. Unfortunately, as humans have bred dogs throughout the ages to be barkers, it is a natural urge that can be very hard to control.

Critter Cottage are pleased to offer the solution to your problem with the most effective and humane method of controlling nuisance barking: The ABS Citronella Anti-Barking Collar!

The citronella anti bark collar is one of the most effective ways of stopping nuisance dog barking and one of the kindest methods of controlling your dog's barking behaviour. Citronella bark collars aren’t only a lot nicer than shock collars, they work better too! University studies show a citronella anti bark collar eliminates nuisance barking faster than any other method and works on your dog whether you are there or not.


Every time your dog barks, the electronic bark-sensing unit releases a painless and harmless spray of citronella in front of the dog's snout. Your dog hears it, sees it, feels it, and smells it! At the first spray of citronella, your dog's natural curiosity will be to seek the origin of the new odour, thereby distracting him from his barking. Your dog will very quickly learn that when he barks, the result is an unpleasant citronella spray in front of his nose. Through this harmless conditioned reflex, the ABS Citronella Anti Bark collar discourages your dog from barking. In a few days, the dog learns to keep quiet while wearing the collar and concentrate on more normal activities. No more trouble with the neighbors!

The ABS Citronella Anti-Barking Collar allows you to reduce or eliminate barking without the nasty after-effects of punishment. In fact, the citronella spray is not punishment. It disrupts behaviour without inflicting fear or pain to the animal. It eliminates barking faster than any other method, whether you are there or not.

The ABS Citronella Anti Bark collar requires no human activation; it will work even if you are not there. Should you want to reverse the effects of collar, just stop using the device. Ultimately, your dog can be trained to cease barking without having to wear the device. The ABS Citronella Anti Barking collar is a fast and humane solution to the problem of nuisance barking.


Although we are unable to guarantee the ABS Citronella Anti-Bark collar will work with every dog, studies have shown that it is the most effective method of curbing nuisance barking. With a success rate of 88%, an ABS Citronella Anti Bark collar is more effective and much kinder than shock collars!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend the collar if:

* Your dog barks because he is truly frightened. Dogs with separation anxiety bark and pace and chew up things in your house or yard. They are beside themselves with fear and usually very destructive. Talk to your veterinarian about this. Don't try the collar until you've resolved the anxiety problem.

* Your dog barks because he is blind or old and confused. The collar won't help your poor old dog and might make things worse. Talk to your veterinarian. Medication may help the problem and you may find that making him less confused solves the barking problem.

* Your dog is uncontrollable and seems out of touch with reality. If your dog just acts plain crazy and won't respond to anything you do, the collar may not work. Ask your vet for the name of someone who specializes in canine behaviour problem solving.

* Your dog has a very high pitched "yip" instead of a "bark". The collar may not be activated by your dog's unusually high frequency vocalisation.

* Your dog is a very small toy or teacup breed. The size of the unit may prove too large/heavy for them to wear comfortably.

If you are worried that the collar may not be effective with your dog, we recommend hiring a citronella from your vet or local council to try before you buy.


Your ABS Citronella Anti-Bark set comes complete with a collar with quick release snap buckle, collar spray unit, two batteries (one replacement) and a Citronella refill cannister.


Absolutely not. The natural citronella spray poses no threat to dogs, humans, or the environment. The ABS Anti-Barking Collar can be used safely with absolute peace-of-mind, since there are no side effects to worry about.


In the unlikely event you own one of the 12% of dogs this collar is not effective in training, we do offer a 10-day money-back trial period. Conditions apply - please see our return policy for details.


Absolutely. These can be purchased from us at any time, with or without purchase of an accompanying collar kit. To save postage costs, we recommend purchasing additional refills and battery replacements at the same time you purchase your collar kit. See pricing below for special combined offers.

Anti-Barking Spray Collar Kit
$239.00 + p&p;

Anti-Bark Spray Collar Kit + Combo Refill Pack (3 x 70g refill citronella, 2 x replacement batteries)
$289.99 + P&P;

Please make your selections below.

If you are suffering with problem barking, we strongly urge you to act now. The longer you let the situation degenerate, the more the barking will persist and become an ingrained behaviour, disturbing you and your neighbours.

If your dog's barking is driving you crazy and upsetting your neighbours, don't delay any futher - buy an ABS Citronella Anti-Bark collar and keep the peace!

PLEASE NOTE: This item is dispatched directly from the distributor. All ABS Citronella products are available for purchase in Australia only.

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