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Spray Commander
Remote Training Aid

Struggling to train your dog using conventional methods? Do you find your dog is obedient at home or on-leash, but the minute he's off leash he all but ignores you? Do the distractions of the dog park mean your dog's good behaviour and good manners seem to get left at home? Does walking your dog, even on leash, turn into a headache with his bad behaviour?

The HUMANE Remote Control Training System:
If you're finding it hard to retain complete control over your dog when other distractions mean he's not paying attention to you, you're not alone. A dog who is beautifully behaved on his own turf can often turn into an excited manic monster when faced with distractions such as other dogs, people, cars, and just the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of the outside world. It often seems the last thing your dog is interested in doing is obeying you.

At last! Finally there is a solution that means you can have an obedient dog ALL of the time! A humane training system that means walks are once again enjoyable; a system that gives your dog the freedom to frolic and play off leash, whilst still being under your complete control.

The Spray Commander Training System provides the answer - a remote control activated citronella spray collar, perfect for training at a distance and eliminating problematic behaviour even when your dog is distracted and not focused on you.

Uses sound and harmless spray - NO NASTY SHOCKS!

Using positive sound reinforcement and distracting citronella spray, rather than punishment or yelling, the Spray Commander Remote Training Aid will make your dog a happy and well behaved pet and put the enjoyment back into your owner/dog relationship. The Spray Commander is a modern dog training tool, which dog training experts have proven to be both efficient and painless.

How Does It Work?

Using a remote control, a citronella spray is ejected from a device worn around
the dog's neck. Simply press the button on the remote control and an inoffensive citronella spray is ejected from a device worn around the dog's neck. The spray
can be triggered at a precise moment in time, so that the delay between the unacceptable behaviour and the redirection stimulus is instantaneous. With spray Commander training time is greatly reduce . After receiving a few sprays in a specific situation, the dog will attempt to avoid bad behaviour in order to spare himself another spray. The calibrated spray, causes neither pain or nasty after-effects. In fact, we have noticed that the spray has an appeasing effect on dogs. Furthermore the use of the spray is more effective to eliminate bad behaviour, than techniques which involves fear or pain.

With the revolutionary Spray Commander Dog Training System you can:
Eliminate undesirable behaviour; such as digging, barking, jumping, chasing, destruction, stealing.
Reinforce positive behaviour; teaching your dog basic good behaviours by using positive tone reinforcement (using the same principles as clicker training).

What Does My Purchase Include?
The Spray Commander Dog Training System includes:

  * Spray refill
* Spray collar
* 2 batteries
* Adjustable collar
* Remote control
* Training Booklet
* Instructional CD

What is the Range of the Spray Commander?
The Spray Commander Dog Training System is effective up to 300 feet, or 90 metres.

Is the Citronella Spray Harmful to My Pet, Myself, or My Children?
Absolutely not. The natural citronella spray poses no threat to dogs, humans, or the environment.

What if the Spray Commander Does Not Work on My Dog?
All training products will naturally take some time, effort and patience on your behalf. Whilst the Spray Commander has proven to be an extremely effective training product, some dogs are faster to learn than others and some owners make better trainers than others. As dogs and owners are not all created equal, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that all training methods will be equally effective on all dogs. We do offer a 10-day trial on the Spray Commander Dog Training System; please see our return policy for details.

Do You Have Citronella Refills and Replacement Batteries Available?
Sure do! These can be purchased from us at any time, with or without purchase of an accompanying Spray Commander system. To save postage costs, we recommend purchasing additional refills and battery replacements at the same time you purchase your Spray Commander Dog Training System. See pricing below for special combined offers.

What Does It Cost?
Spray Commander Kit
$279.00 + P&P;

Spray Commander Kit plus Combo Refill pack (3 x 70g citronella refill cans, 2 x replacement batteries)
$324.99+ P&P;

Please make your selections below.

If you are struggling to train your dog, don't delay any futher - buy a Spray Commander Dog Training System today!

PLEASE NOTE: This item is dispatched directly from the distributor. All ABS Citronella products are available for purchase in Australia only.

Price :
$279.00 (each)
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