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The Pet Loo & The Mini Wee
Your Backyard in a Box!

Your Total Toilet Solution: The Portable Dog Loo!

The original PET LOO and now also the smaller MINI WEE, for situations where space is at a premium.

It's half-past-six and you're still stuck in the office. You think guiltily of your poor pooch who has been stuck inside your apartment all day with his legs crossed. You then think miserably of the mess you're going to have to clean up when you finally get home.

Then you remember; now you have The Pet Loo - your Backyard in a Box - you no longer have a problem!

How Large is my new "Backyard in a Box"?
The original Pet Loo measures a very generous 83cm W x 83cm D x 14cm H and, although weighing only a very light and portable 5kgs, has been reinforced to support the weight of any sized dog (tested to hold up to 300kgs!).

MINI WEE (DSPUP-MW063) The new Mini Wee has been developed for situations where space is at a premium. Your Mini Wee has exactly the same features as the Pet Loo, but measures in at a compact 63cm x 63cm x 14cm H.
Please select the required size in the options drop-down menu below.

An End to Dog Toileting Hassles:
The Pet Loo portable dog toilet is more than just a product - it's your dog's total toilet solution! Now you can enjoy having a pet as a part of your lifestyle while The Pet Loo takes care of the toilet problems for you.

With The Pet Loo, long days at the office, Sunday morning lie-ins, and wet cold evenings where your dog refuses go to outside no longer mean puddles or piles in nasty places. The Pet Loo is your Backyard in a Box - designed to allow your pet the freedom to relieve himself without relying on you for the opportunity. Say goodbye to toilet runs at inconvenient times, pet stains on the carpet and being tied down to a strict schedule based around your dog's bladder. Say hello to the hygienic, convenient and total toilet solution: The Pet Loo!

Ideal for Apartments, Backyards and Boats:
Not only is the Pet Loo ideal for apartment dwellers, it is the perfect solution for minimising yard clean up on any sized property. Using the Pet Loo as your dog's preferred toilet area means dog waste is contained in one designated area for easy and quick clean-up. No more mine fields all around the garden! The Pet Loo is also the easy solution for yachties and boaties - no more rowing to shore to let your dog attend to nature.

Now you can be an apartment dweller and a pet owner - a yachtie with a seafaring dog - a dog owner with a pristine back yard - The Pet Loo Dog Toilet allows you the freedom of pet ownership no matter what your lifestyle! Easy for your pet to use and even easier for you to maintain. Roomy enough for a dog to comfortably do its business, yet compact and portable - perfect to keep on your balcony, in your laundry, in the corner of a room, or the cockpit of your boat.

Tough Construction, Ingenious Design:
Hygenic and built to last, the Pet Loo is constructed from super-tough materials designed to be resistant to the acidity of urine, ensuring your Pet Loo will provide many long years of hassle-free use. The ingeniously designed urine-draining system means waste disposal is as simple as emptying the built-in collection jug down your loo, and simply flipping or scooping solid waste from the long-lasting synthetic grass surface. Instant drainage means your dog is not stepping into his urine and tracking it through your house.

Easy to Clean:
Of the very highest quality, the synthetic grass surface is easy-to-clean and, if properly looked after with a quick and simple cleaning schedule, should never need replacing (although of course, replacement grass surfaces are available for your separate purchase). No more yellow patches on your lawn, and no more muddy footprints through your home!

Easy to clean, simply pour warm water over the synthetic grass surface, or lift out and hose down. To clean the base, just lift out the grass surface and wipe the base unit down with warm water. No cleaning agents required!

I Have a Big Dog - Can He Use the Pet Loo?
The Pet Loo is designed for dogs of all sizes: A single Pet Loo is suitable for small to medium sized dogs; for larger dogs or multi-dog households, you can simply push two or more Pet Loos together to create your own doggie park! Your new Pet Loo arrives to you fully assembled and ready for use.

How Long Will the Grass Surface Last?
The synthetic grass surface is of the very finest quality available and, if looked after as per instructions, replacement may not be necessary at all. However, should you decide to change the grass, a replacement piece is easily ordered. (Tip: We recommend having a replacement Pet Loo Grass surface on hand to help with the cleaning proccess - while one is being cleaned, aired out and dried... use the replacement.)

Does the Pet Loo Smell?
If kept clean as per the manufacturer's instructions, The Pet Loo will not smell, as it has been designed to drain the maximum amount of urine possible and the base will not absorb any liquid.

What About Poo?
As you would in a normal backyard situation, simply scoop the poo off the unit and dispose of it in the toilet.

How Often Will My Pet Loo Need Cleaning?
It is recommended that a bucket of warm water be poured over the grass and the jug emptied every day or two. Just use the handle to remove the jug and pour its contents down the toilet.

Easy for Your Dog to Use:
Easy for your dog to use and, as the synthetic grass looks and feels so very much like real grass, requires very little training.

Put an end to your pet toilet headache today buy ordering a Pet Loo - your dog's very own Backyard in a Box! Add one to your shopping cart now!

Pet Loo: In stock, ready for dispatch.
Mini Wee: In stock, ready for dispatch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Pet Loo will be delivered via courier separately from the other items in your order. As the delivery courier will not leave goods without written consent, you MUST ensure that you provide an address where a signature can be provided upon delivery. Thank you.

Price :
$360.00 (each)
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