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Dog Doo
Disposal Unit

Finally! The Solution to Dog-Doo Disposal!

One of the biggest headaches of dog ownership is the dog poo disposal situation. As much as we love our dogs, we don't love the mess, smell and inconvenience of cleaning up their toilet waste. How to dispose of it? Messy clean-up bags, smelly rubbish bins or the hassle of burying?

Dog toilet waste is messy and smelly and makes for an unhygenic backyard, but unfortunately it's just not that simple to dispose of it. Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy and cheap solution? Well, now there is!

The Dog Doo Disposal System (or Pet Toilet) is a safe, non-toxic and ecologically friendly way to dispose of dog poo.

How Does it Work?
The Dog Doo pet toilet acts like a miniature septic tank system just for dog toilet waste. Once you have buried the unit in the ground (a garden or flower bed is ideal) you then deposit your dog's waste directly into the pet toilet. Just add water and the (included) digester and let the unit go to work. The Biological Waste Digester breaks down the dog poo into a liquid that is absorbed by the surrounding soil (see diagram).

Quick and easy to install, the pet toilet unit requires a square hole approximately 65cm wide and 70cm deep, filled with a base layer of 35-40cm of loose stone or rubble. The Dog Doo Pet Toilet Disposal unit can be used in most soils except clay or rock (in these situations the liquid is unable to be absorbed by the ground).

How Many Dogs Can Use the Dog Doo Disposal Unit?
As performance of the unit depends upon a variety of factors such as ambient temperature, surrounding soil absorbency, your pet's diet, and the amount of digester and water used, we recommend the Dog Doo Disposal unit for single dog households only. Depending upon the factors mentioned above, it is possible that a single unit may service more than one dog under ideal conditions, however, additional units may be necessary for multi-dog households. We recommend the Doggie Dooley systems for multiple-dog households.

What Does My Purchase Include?
Your purchase includes the Dog Doo Disposal unit, one bottle (approximately six month's supply) of Biological Waste Digester and a bonus waste scoop. Further supplies of digester are available for separate purchase as required.

* Use a Dog Doo Pet Toilet for a cleaner, safer, and healthier garden.
* Unobtrusive - Installs into the ground so only the lid is visible.
* Low Profile - if installed into your lawn, the system can be mowed over.
* Breaks down dog waste biologically and safely.
* Eliminates smelly bins and unhygenic backyards.
* Tough, all weather exterior is designed to last for years.
* Non-Toxic, Safe for Pets and Children.

Rate of digestion depends upon temperature - Digestive action starts at 5 degrees centigrade and increases as the temperature rises. Ideal for most soils except clay. "Doo" away with the mess and smell of dog waste disposal - buy your Dog Doo Pet Toilet today!

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$79.97 (each)
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