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Bada Beam
Laser Cat Toy

Simply the most mesmerizing cat toy ever!

Just put it on the floor, open the lid and aim at the floor or wall, then stand back, and look out! Your cat is going to go bananas trying to catch the BadaBeam’s circling laser beam.

Cats just love chasing bright, fast moving objects, such as a watch's glinting relection or a laser beam on the floor or wall. The BadaBeam takes a simple idea to ingenious new levels, creating an automatically moving light for kitty to chase at the flick of a switch.

The Bada Beam's automatic laser circles, pauses, then circles again, directed by the internal mirror system to reflect on either your floor or the wall. The BadaBeam will occupy your cat for hours on end, without you having to be stuck on the other end of a hand-held laser or wriggling your watch arm!

Cats just love this toy, because it indulges their built-in predator instincts and satisfies the thrill of the chase. They can stalk and catch their "prey" and no-one gets hurt! A fresh and exciting new cat toy for kitties who love to chase. Put one in your shopping cart today - the purrfect gift for your feline!

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$34.99 (each)
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