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Booklet: Barking
Problems Solved

Must-have Booklet Helps Conquer Nuisance Barking.

Do you have a problem with a barking dog? You are not alone. Barking dogs are one of the most common problems reported to local councils and one of the most frustrating neighbourhood disturbances.

In Barking Problems Solved, the first in the pet behaviour booklet series, Dr Joanne Righetti explains... Why do dogs bark?

Dr Joanne Reghetti, PhD, is a Sydney based, animal behaviour consultant who routinely helps pet owners and organisations understand pet behaviour. She has written this problem-solving guide to help anyone who has a dog with a barking problem.

Understand Why Your Dog Barks and What to Do About It:

This very informative booklet delves into why dogs bark and what you should do when barking escalates and becomes a problem. Tips on understanding the barking problem, such as boredom, visiting guests or just being plain over-excited are covered in the booklet.

Identifying the underlying problems of why you have a barking dog and solutions to each case are given. This is a very handy guide for those who want some insight and training solutions to problem barkers. It’s a responsible booklet for all barking problems and gives sensible methods to understand and control the problem.

Barking Problems Solved is 64 pages long, lavishly illustrated with glossy full colour photographs throughout.

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