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Bac to Nature
Animal Odour Eliminator

Nature's Solution to Nature's Odours!

BactoNature's unique microbial technology targets the source of the smell and stimulates the breakdown of the organic matter causing the odour. Odours are removed in just 21 seconds!

Great for all types of odours, from toilet training "accidents", to smelly cat litter boxes, kennel smells, cat spraying, "stinky dog syndrome". And not just animal odours - BactoNature works great on all organic odours!

The organic action of BactoNature has trifold benefits:-

* eliminates production of odours
* breaks down organic substances to remove stains
* reduces harmful disease-causing bacteria

NOT just another air freshener!

Bac to Nature has no fragrance - it doesn't mask the bad odour, it actually removes the bacteria that causes the bad smell, leaving just clean, fresh air!

100% Natural, Organic and Non-Toxic

BactoNature is 100% natural and organic and completely safe to humans, animals, plants and the environment.

BactoNature is so safe it can be sprayed directly onto your pet's coat (ideal for between washes), also for use on pet's bedding, household furnishings, carpets, rugs, car upholstery, drapes, and more. Wherever there's an odour, it's safe to use BactoNature!

Ten Fabulous Facts:

1. Works organically by breaking down and removing odours and stains.
2. Extensively tested and used by Waltham – the world’s leading authority on Pet Care and Nutrition.
3. Eliminates odours in just 21 seconds.
4. Added to drinking water daily eliminates bad breath.
5. Used between baths helps to maintain a clean healthy skin and coat.
6. Reduces pathogenic bacteria by up to 98%.
7. Anti-allergenic and assists in removing irritants that cause contact allergies.
8. 100% natural and completely safe for humans, animals, and the environment.
9. Australian made.
10. Has a broad range of applications, safely used on all animals, bedding, kennels and cages, litter trays, smelly shoes and sports gear, kids toys, household furnishings, laundry baskets, bed wetting accidents, kitchen and food smells, bins and drains, cars and garages, luggage and storage areas, compost and other garden odours, and any other organic odour you can find.

500ml ready-to-use spray bottle.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the organic materials used in this product, we are unable to ship this item internationally.

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$14.97 (each)
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