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Snugglesafe Heatpad
Pet Companions

Bonzo & Bruno Snugglesafe Companions keep your pet warm and cozy!

Cooler weather sees us layering up with jumpers and blankets. But have you stopped to think about your cat's comfort? Although cats have a fur coat, they wear it all year round, so they feel colder temperatures almost as keenly as we do.

As temperatures drop considerably overnight, that's the time that our pets need some extra help keeping warm. Think what it would be like not putting the bed covers over yourself at night, and that's pretty much what it's like for your cat. Brrr!

The good news is that the problem's easily fixed with a Bonzo or Bruno Snugglesafe Pet Companion. Just add a snugglesafe heatpad (sold separately) to the inside pocket and your pet's Snugglesafe Companion will give off up to 12 hours of snugly heat that your pets will adore.

Safely keeps your cat or dog warm all night long!
No more shivering from your pet, no more guilty feelings from you - now you can rest easily knowing that your cat or dog is comfortable and warm all night long. A perfect cushion for comforting kittens, puppies, older dogs & cats, or just to pamper your pet with a cozy companion. Safely ensures that your pet is not lying directly on his snugglesafe heatpad.

Responsible pet owners ensure their pets are looked after - buy your cat or dog the comfort and warmth of a Snugglesafe companion today!

Buy your Snugglesafe Companion by itself, or save with our combo value offer. Please make your selection below:

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$39.99 (each)
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