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Woofle Scoopstick
Arm's Length Pooper Scooper

The Revolutionary New "No Stoop, No Touch" Poop Scoop!

Heard the joke about the alien who lands on earth, watches a human picking up after his dog and assumes we're the servants and the canines are the ones in charge? Let's face it, picking up after your pooch is a pretty undignified job (and it sure don't pay well!). Problem is, someone's gotta do it, and until Fido grows opposable thumbs, that someone's you.

We've all done the internal groan when our dog starts sniffing that patch of grass with focussed intent. Whilst we can't take the proverbial out of the task for you, we can at least make it a little easier, a lot less messy and certainly more pleasant than the "hand in the bag" approach to the task.

Look Ma, No Hands!
The Scoopstick is the safest and simplest method of collecting and disposing of your dog's waste. A unique cartridge system ensures safe and hygienic collection.
With a simple Press down and Twist motion the waste is collected and hidden from view - no stooping, no icky bagging! Keep the Poo at arm's length at all times!

Suits all Sizes!
No size limits, the Woofle Scoopstick Pooper Scooper is suitable for any size "deposit", and can also be used for multiple "presentations". Yes! Unlike most other poo pick-up systems, the Woofle Scoopstick cartridge can be used multiple times - perfect for walking multiple dogs or for a whole day out.

Scoopstick Collects & Contains - No More Baggie Carrying!
The cartridge stays in the Scoopstick for the duration of your walk - no more baggie carrying for either you or your dog. At the end of the walk a simple twist of the handle ejects the used cartridge directly in to a bin - your hand never even comes close!

The revolutionary Scoopstick truly allows effective clean up with minimum effort and maximum hygiene!

How Does it Work?
Just 'Press down & Twist' - as easy as 1-2-3!  

      1 - LOAD       2 - COLLECT       3 - EJECT

Grabs it..., Hides it..., Holds it..., Bins it...
The Scoopstick will pick up dog waste from almost any surface; gravel, grass, firm sand, paved areas. Shaped like a baseball bat, the Scoop Stick is used upright - keeping you at arm's length from the "business end". The cartridge can be used multiple times until full and simply remains on the Scoop Stick with the "contents" hidden inside until the end of your walk. Then a simple twist of the handle neatly ejects the used cartridge into the bin - still with your hands safely at the other end.

So okay, maybe those aliens are still going to think the dogs are the ones in charge. But at least they'll also be able to see us servants have got waste collection down to a pretty fine art.

Beg your dog to buy you one today.

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$45.98 (each)
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