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Collarless Ultrasonic
Stop Bark Control

The Humane Way to Stop Nuisance Barking - No Collar Needed! Works Great on the Neighbour's Dog Too!

Is ongoing nuisance barking ruining relations with your neighbours? Whether it's your dog constantly barking and upsetting the people next door, or it's their dog destroying your peace and quiet, This Ultrasonic Stop Bark Control Birdhouse may just be the answer to your problem. Stop annoying barking from your dog - or your neighbor's dog - with the Stop Bark Control Birdhouse, a humane and effective bark deterrent that quiets noisy dogs.

How Does it Work?
This revolutionary easy-use system automatically detects dog barking up to 50 feet/15m away, and responds by emitting a high-pitched tone that humans can't hear. The dog is firstly startled by the high-pitched sound and learns by association that barking triggers this unpleasant noise, and that not-barking is rewarded by silence! Although the tone does not cause pain to animals, with their ultra-sensitive hearing, most dogs don't like the noise and will quickly learn that as soon as they quit barking, the noise stops.

The Stop Bark Control Birdhouse uses the proven dog training principle of "Negative Reinforcement" - using sound to help train dogs to stop annoying barking. Works with any size or breed of dog. (may not be effective on very stubborn or particularly hard-to-train dogs).

This anti-bark solution doesn't require a collar to be worn by your dog, is effective up to 50 feet (approx 15m) and takes only one standard 9v battery (not included) to power the unit. The Stop-Bark Ultrasonic Birdhouse has an off switch to conserve batteries when not in use, as well as a battery level indicator, test mode and three sensitivity settings. Just pop the battery in, mount the unit and you're ready to start anti-bark training.

Hangable, Mountable, or Free-Standing:
Attractively styled to look like an inconspicuous birdhouse, the Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control unit is durable and weatherproof, and is provisioned for easy hanging or mounting. It can also be used simply standing on a table or ledge.

Will it Work on my Dog? Multi-Dog Homes? The Neigbour's Dog?
Safe and humane, the Outdoor Bark Control Birdhouse Unit uses ultrasonic tones to discourage nuisance barking. Ultra sonic training is effective in the majority of cases, and works best on dogs who are sensitive to loud and/or sudden noises. As one of the most gentle methods of training however, it may not be effective on particularly stubborn and hard-to-train dogs, who may also need additional training measures. Dogs with hearing problems or whose barking is due to psychological causes are not good candidates for ultrasonic training.

To determine if your dog is likely to respond to ultrasonic training, try dropping a length of chain, set of keys, or a can filled with nails (or something similar) on the ground when your dog is excited/distracted by something else and not watching you. If he appears startled by the noise and ceases the activity, it is likely he will react very well to ultrasonic training. If there is no reaction, you may find that another training method, either by itself or in conjunction with the Ultrasonic training, may be more suitable for your particular dog. (Yes, the Bark Control Unit can certainly be used in conjunction with additional training measures, which will both increase your ongoing and long-term success rate and decrease the training time that may be required).

As long as all dogs in the home have shown responsiveness to the above test, the Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control Unit works on all dogs in Multiple Dog situations

Will it Work on my Neighbour's Dog?
The Outdoor Bark Control Birdhouse has been designed with just this situation in mind, and so styled as an inconspicuous birdhouse that can be pointed towards your neighbour's yard without raising suspicion. Whilst we do always encourage discussing an ongoing nuisance barking problem politely with your neighbour, when this is simply not possible the PetSafe Stop-Bark Outdoor unit may be the solution. Use the simple test described above to determine if the dog appears to be responsive to this method of training.

The Decorative Outdoor Bark Control Birdhouse measures 17.5cm H x 11cm W x 9cm D. Includes Operating Guide. Requires 1 x 9v battery to operate (not included with purchase). Recommended for Outdoor Use only. Please note that this is not a real birdhouse.

Buy one today, and start looking forward to the sound of ..... silence!

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