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Rock 'n' Roll
Cat Feeder

Unique Feeder Makes Kitty Work for His Supper:
Fat and bored cat? This unique product may be the solution to your problem. The Rock-N-Roll cat feeder is an entertaining way to feed your cat by encouraging exercise and keeping him healthy and trim.

Based on the Same Theory as Behaviourial Enrichment Tools used in Zoos Worldwide:
Cats are naturally foraging animals and must hunt for their food in the wild. The Rock-N-Roll Feeder is modeled after similar barrel foraging devices used by Zoos and farmers all around the world.

The way a livestock enrichment and foraging devices works is thus: When the barrel is rotated by being pushed by the animal, a small amount of feed falls out from the drilled holes. So, in order to be fed, the animal must constantly rotate the wooden barrel on its own, thus not only consuming smaller portions of feed, but with using increased physical activity to obtain their meal.

This learned technique to obtain food actually duplicates the natural instinct of foraging for food in the wild. The same design can not only be found in farms but in all types of zoos today. Wherever there is a problem in obtaining enough exercise or playful diversion in activity, the enrichment and foraging device helps in reducing stress and overfeeding.

The Rock-N-Roll Cat Feeder has taken this design into the homes of pet owners and pets. The Rock-N-Roll Cat Feeder is both a sturdy cat feeder, as well as a very useful cat toy, combined in one unit. It uses the natural instincts of a cat's search for food by stimulating eye sight, smell, and taste, as well as helping to teach new coordination skills. Your cat will also be conditioned while engaging in playful exercise.

The design of this patented feeder is very simple. You simply fill the barrel behind the face with food. As your cat rotates the face of the Rock-N-Roll Feeder, the food dispenses in small amounts into the bowl below. This limits the amount of food available at one time, plus your cat must exercise to get the food.

Adjustable Dispenser Controls Amount of Food Dispensed:
The tail slides up and down to control the amount of food that is dispensed each time the barrel of the feeder is rotated, from a lot 'a work for a little food, to a little work for a lot 'a food.

Very simple assembly required (one screw). For use with dry cat food only. Holds up to 6 cups of food. Feeding tray is removeable for easy cleaning. Approximately 21.6cm x 27.9cm x 43cm tall.

Cat powered. No electricity or batteries needed, ever.

Click here to see a video clip of
the Rock-N-Roll Cat Feeder in action!

Price :
$75.97 (each)
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