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Ball of the Wild
Cat Treat Ball

Treat Ball with Squeak Brings the Wild Inside!
Even domestic cats that never leave the confines of your home are natural hunters, and their motivation to follow their instincts remains strong. With no natural prey, indoor cats can express their hunting instincts by chasing imaginary prey. The Ball of the Wild has been designed to fuel your cat's natural hunting instinct and vent pent-up energy, keeping him happy and healthy.

Keeps Kitty Mentally and Physically Stimulated:
The Ball of the Wild Treat Ball features an electronic sound module that produces an amazingly realistic mouse "squeak" that cats love! In fact, the RealMouseā„¢ squeak is produced at the same frequency and level as a real field mouse! This kitty treat ball with sound is perfect for healthy mental and physical stimulation - it keeps cats alert, agile and healthy.

Treat Ball Provides a "Reward" for the Hunt:
In the wild, cats are rewarded with a meal when they catch their prey. Ball of the Wild does the same thing, providing a food or treat "reward" when your cat catches it. Best of all, by making your cat work for his food, you'll help provide him with healthy mental and physical stimulation! In addition to dispensing food treats, Ball of the Wild also makes the RealMouse "squeak." Measures approximately 5cm diameter.

Add a bit of the Wild into your domestic kitty's day - throw a Ball of the Wild into your shopping cart now!

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$10.99 (each)
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