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The Pup-Head Dog Potty
Portable Dog Toilet

The Toilet That's There When You Can't Be:
The Pup-head Portable Dog Toilet is the perfect toilet solution for any dog owner who is unable to give their dog on-demand access to an outdoor toilet area. The ideal solution for apartment dwellers, elderly or disabled owners, boaties, courtyards, caravans and travellers. Perfect for pet owners with unpredictable schedules, the puphead Dog Dunny provides your dog with a toilet when you can't be there to let him out.

Easy for Your Dog to Use:
The Puphead is almost level with the ground, so your dog doesn't have to jump up to go to the toilet. The pup-grass, designed specifically for dogs, is impregnated with an enticing scent which is virtually irresistable to dogs - making training very easy. In fact many dogs have needed no training at all, as the Pup-Head so closely resembles their natural toilet habitat!

Portable & Convenient:
Light and portable, the Pup-head can go anywhere your dog goes. Keep it on a corner of the balcony, in the laundry, courtyard, cockpit of the boat, caravan annex. Hygenic and easy to clean, the portable dog toilet grass is created with an antimicrobial blended yarn which fights odours and bacteria. The knitted back creates instant drainage, drawing urine away from your dogs paws and into the tray below.


Product Care
The plastic receptacle will hold almost 7.6 litres of liquids - you can simply let the tray collect the urine, or alternatively, line the tray with newspaper, handitowels or crystal cat litter to help with clean-up.
Remove any solid waste from grass just as you would from regular grass. Remove Pup-Grass from grate and tray, then empty any liquid material, either down your own toilet, or into the garden. Put grate back in tray and rinse it thoroughly with water.

We recommend using a natural enzyme product, such as Bac to Nature Odour Eliminator. An alternative is to use a solution of ΒΌ cup of household bleach to 19 litres of water. Soak mat for approximately 3 minutes and rinse with clean water. Hang mat to allow water to drain off quickly or place in dryer on air cycle for 20 minutes. We recommend purchasing a replacement Pup-Grass surface, so that you can clean and air one whilst the other is being used.

I have a male dog, will he use it without a place to mark?
Male dogs may still lift their legs and urinate into the air. Their intention is to mark territory. You may be able to overcome this by placing a small object in the middle of the PupHead, such as an overturned flower pot. Some dogs, without anything to lift their leg against, will crouch to urinate.

How often do I need to clean it?
Everyone has different standards for cleaning so it is really a personal preference. A weekly cleaning schedule should keep the PupHead Portable Dog Toilet odour free. We do recommend picking up solids daily so your dog does not step in their own waste and track it.

Is it easy to empty?
It is a simple matter to empty the tray providing you do not let the receptacle fill to the top with urine. Remove the grass and drainage grate and dispose of the urine outdoors or pour down a toilet.

How do I keep the urine from spilling?
There are several low costs ways of absorbing the urine so that you do not have spillage issues. We recommend using a small amount of kitty litter, (crystals, not clay type) newspapers, or paper towels.

How long will the grass last?
The synthetic grass has a lifetime warranty under normal use. The warranty does not cover damage caused by harsh chemicals or damage caused from excessive digging, clawing, or chewing. It is important to note that Pup-Grass mats do not have finished edges. If the mat is cut on the tuft, it is normal for fibers to shed at the edges. Some shedding is normal, and should subside. You can heat-seal the edges by carefully using a long neck lighter. Please use caution when using an open flame. Apply heat approximately one inch from the edge, just until the material begins to curl.

After washing, will the scent disappear?
Yes, the attractant will eventually fade because your dog will cover the scent with their own. This is known as marking. The reason our attractant works so well is that dogs want to replace the scent with their own.

Will my dog stop using it once the scent is washed away?
No, once your dog is in the habit of using his/her Pup-Head Dog Dunny, he will continue to toilet there.

How big is Pup-Head Dog Toilet?
The Pup-head Portable Dog Toilet measures 510mm X 762mm X 28mm, and weighs approximately 2.2kg.

The Pup-head dog toilet will set both you and your dog free from a regular toilet schedule. When you can't be there to let your dog out, make sure you have a Pup-head Portable Dog Toilet so your dog no longer has to keep his legs crossed!

Click on the "Add to Cart" button now and rest easy knowing your dog now has a permanent toilet solution!

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