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Aqua Buddy
Automatic Pet Waterer

Ever had that sinking feeling away from home, wondering if you remembered to fill your dog's water bowl? Dogs can dehydrate very quickly, so it's vital they have a sufficient supply of clean, fresh water.

The Self-Filling Water Bowl!
The Aqua Buddy Automatic Pet Waterer offers your dog a unique automatic self-watering bowl, designed to ensure an endless supply of healthy, fresh water, even if you're not around to top up their bowl. The bowl works with a float valve - when the water level goes down, the reservoir automatically re-fills to the pre-set level, then shuts off again until the next time the water level drops.

This stylish 2 quart (approx 1.8 litre) Automatic Waterer is just the right size for the home and goes well with any decor. Simple one-step connection to any garden hose, it provides consistent fresh water for your pet while you are home or away.

Strong, durable and hygenic:
The reliable Aqua Buddy dog waterer is made from durable polypropylene, cleans quickly and is sun resistant. Ideal for cats and dogs of all sizes or your other animal re-hydration needs. Will not overflow and there is no training required - the bowl automatically refills to keep a constant level.

This innovative self-filling dog water bowl takes just minutes to install, using common hose attachments. Then your pet can drink his fill, and the bowl will refill with fresh clean water, ready for the next time your pet is thirsty. Please Note: Some common hose attachments (available at any hardware store) may be required to complete installation.

Put an Aqua Buddy Automatic Pet Waterer into your shopping cart now, and ensure your dog never goes thirsty again.

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