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Cat Exercise Ball

The Zig-N-ZagĀ® Cat Exercise Ball has a self-winding mechanism that moves the ball unpredictably when swatted. Its random movements will make kitty think it's alive with a mind of its own. Your cat will love the unpredictable motion, which exactly mimics the behaviour of escaping prey.

Exercise kitty and fight boredom with the Zig-N-ZagĀ®!
Watch as the Zig-n-Zag ball zigs, zags, zips and ziggles across the floor with kitty in hot pursuit! Sure to get kitty couch potatoes moving. Exercise is important for cats physically and emotionally and this cat exercise ball will help!

Zig N Zag Cat Exercise Ball Features:
* Unpredictable action, continuous entertainment keeps your cat curious
* Self-propelling-no batteries needed
* Great for healthy play, exercise and mental stimulation

Zig-n-Zag cat exercise ball measures approximately 5.5cm diameter. Ships in random colors: either Purple or Green (please let us choose).

Price :
$8.79 (each)
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