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Obedience Training Tool:
Extendable Target Stick

A target stick is a key training tool which has become increasingly popular for use in animal training, and in particular with clicker training.

By teaching an animal to "target" you can rapidly and easily teach even complex tricks and behaviours. The Pocket Extendable Target Stick meets the needs of the trainer for a pocket sized target stick which can be used at different working lengths.

Sometimes you need a longer target stick when training behaviors at arm’s reach, and sometimes you want a shorter target stick when working your dog close by. Now you can do it all with just one tool. The Extendable Target Stick is the size of a ballpoint pen, and goes from pocket size (15cm) to full size (53cm) with a flick of your wrist. Suitable for training small and medium pets, such as dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, rats, rabbits, birds, etc.

The bright yellow ball on the tip makes your target easy for any animal to locate. Its compact size means you can keep it handy in your pocket for training anytime, anywhere.

A Target Stick will help you teach tricks in minutes:

* Heel, come, follow
* Beg
* Spin
* Jump through hoop
* Tunnel, bridge, weave
* Go in and out of carrier or cage

The Pocket Extendable Target Stick is a great training tool that all good dog trainers shouldn't be without. Pop one into your shopping cart for purchase today!

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