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Tick Nipper
Tick Remover Tool

Be Safe and Sure with Tick Nipper!

The Tick Nipper ® is an easy tick removal tool for both people and pets which removes ticks more safely than any other tick removal tool. No harmful heat applications, no messy chemicals and very easy to use.

The Tick Nipper won't squeeze the tick as tweezers do, leaves no mouth parts and the 20X lens in its hub lets you or your vet examine the tick after removal - so you know for sure!

Safely removes the Tick without squeezing or cutting:

The Tick Nipper®’s jaws are thinner than the tips of tweezers so they slide under the tick’s body without squeezing it. Then the big stops between the handles keep you from cutting the tick as you grip it. The jaws are nearly an inch long, giving you control you can't get with tweezers or fingers.

Unique Bowl shaped jaws ensure the head isn't left behind:

The Tick Nipper® doesn’t ‘grab’ the tick. Instead, its jaws ‘yoke’ loosely around the tick's narrow mouthparts. When you pull the tick out, those jaws exert pressure on the tick’s shoulders and pop it out. This patented action lets you remove any tick - even tiny nymphs - from any person or animal.

Safely holds the tick after removal:

The Tick Nipper®’s bowl-shaped jaws cradle the tick safely after liftoff. You need only one hand to use it, leaving your other hand free to tend the wound or comfort the victim. Best of all, from ambush to disposal you never touch the tick!

In the unfortunate event your pet, or even yourself, falls victim to a tick, ensure you're prepared to deal with the emergency - pop a Tick Nipper in your shopping cart now!

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