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Wild 'n' Crazie Warthog
Honking Dog Toy

SIZE: 25cm H x 14cm W x 25cm D
SUITS: Medium and Large Breed Dogs

They're big. They're furry. They're noisy. And sure to become your dog's favourite new toy!

Honkers Wild 'n' Crazies are LOUD. We're pretty sure they're called Wild 'n' Crazies 'cos that's what they're going to drive you and your dog. That is, your dog wild and you crazy!

Not just a squeaky toy!
Honkers aren't your average squeaky toy. Oh, no. Honkers HONK. LOUDLY. Every time their tummies are squeezed. Which is of course, exactly where your dog is going to grab it before running around the house and yard like a crazy thing, honking and frolicking like a puppy with a big smile on his face and looking VERY pleased with himself.

Pawsonally recommended:
How do we speak with such exacting knowledge? Hmmm, let's just say that Tango (our GS dog), has a new best friend. Mr Honkers - his new favouritest, bestest toy EVER! (You KNOW it's a winner when a dog has to think twice about dropping a toy for a treat! Ever seen a dog trying to eat a treat without dropping his toy? Good humour.)

Bonus! Every Honkers Wild 'n' Crazie also has a rattle in its head, for added fun!

Indulge your dog with a Honkers Wild 'n' Crazie and watch the inner puppy come out to play. Limited stocks, be quick and grab one now.

Price :
$26.77 (each)
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