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Royalty Buffet
Raised Small Dog Diner

Raised Diner for your Small Breed Dog:
Finally, a raised diner fit for your canine Prince or Princess! The Castlemere Elevated Pet Feeder Royalty Small Pet Buffet (yes, that is actually its name - check on the box and say it real fast three times running!) has been designed specifically to provide small breed dogs a healthy dining solution. As well as providing a healthy platform to feed your dog from, its also really, really cute!

It may be argued that small breed dogs are so close to the ground anyway, that they don't need a raised diner. Well, you may be surprised at the health benefits gained from raising your dog's feed and water bowl even a few inches off the ground.

Why use a raised feeder?

Feeding your dog in an elevated position rather than from a dish on the floor has many medical benefits;

* A raised dog feeder allows for proper chewing of food as opposed to swallowing & gulping, aiding healthy digestion.

* Slows down the speed in which your pet eats.

* Minimizes bad digestion, because feeding from a raised dog stand stops the inhalation of an excess amount of air while eating.

* Eases gas problems & indigestion from lack of proper eating height.

* Greatly reduces hip, back & neck strain while feeding - perfect for dogs with hip or elbow dysplasia.

* Ideal for dogs with arthritis and/or joint problems. Feeding with an elevated dog bowl eliminates the need for your dog to have to bend over to eat meals, greatly reducing strain on muscles and joints in hips, spine and neck and easing the pain with associated osteoarthritis.

Anyway, besides all that, would YOU want to eat your dinner off the floor? Thought not!

Your pet's new Royalty Buffet Raised Diner comes complete with two matching hand-painted stoneware bowls, both dishwasher and microwave safe and emellished with a self-portrait of your doggy prince or princess (or at least it's how they truly see themselves!). Each 6" bowl holds approximately 2 cups of food or water. The overall height of the Small Dog Diner Buffet is 2.25", or approximately 5.7cm.

Please make sure you don't delay, as the Royalty Small Pet Buffet Diner is available in VERY limited quantities only. First come, first serve! Hit that Buy button now to secure your purchase.

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$43.78 (each)
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