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Cosmic Cat
Alpine Scratcher

Does your kitty have "cat scratch fever"? Getting tired of coming home to discover your furball has been sharpening his/her claws on your favorite furniture? We think we've found the answer: The Cosmic Alpine Cat Scratcher is designed specifically to keep the love alive between you and your cat!

You know those ads where the baby finds the wrapping more fun than the present? Well the Cosmic Cat Alpine Scratcher is a little like that - it's so irresistable that your cat is almost certain to prefer it to that carpeted cat scratcher in the corner, that you paid big bucks for.

Don't let the fact it's made of cardboard put you off - because that's EXACTLY the reason your cat is going to love it. Seems there's something very pleasing (compulsive, even) about running your claws through cardboard infused with catnip (who knew!).

The good news is that the catnip-coated cardboard surface keeps felines coming back for more - instead of heading for your sofa! The Cosmic Alpine Scratcher offers an inclined surface, allowing your cat to really "dig in". A peek-a-boo hole under the ramp hides a dangly mouse, enticing your cat to play. (Huge fun for two cats; with one on each side of the hole).

The Critter Cottage Cats have all given the Alpine Scratcher a huge paws up - yup, we've already discovered the hard way that we could have saved our money and bought the Alpine scratcher inside of that fancy carpeted sculpture that lies sad and abandoned in the corner....

Oh, (but wait, there's more), we should also mention that the folks at Cosmic have admirably also produced replacement scratcher-pads to save you buying a complete new scratcher (replacement scratcher pads sold in a pack of two). The scratcher inserts are double-sided, so will already last kitty a good length of time, but when both sides have finally been scratched to death, simply order the replacement pack and your Alpine Scratcher's good to go once again.

* Save your furniture and walls!
* Cardboard makes a terrifically satisfying scratching surface for cats
* Included catnip sachet works as an added attractant
* Helps train your cat away from furniture
* Inclined position lets your cat climb and stretch while it scratches
* Replacement scratching blocks with catnip available
Already assembled and ready for punishment!

(Please use the drop-down menu below to select your replacement scratchers).

Price :
$28.79 (each)
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