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Yuppy Puppy
Treat Machine

A gumball machine for dogs!

This 33cm tall working gumball machine (uses treats or dry food, not gumballs!) has been specially designed so dogs can work it themselves. Great for showing off your clever dog to your friends.

Use dry dog food in it and your dog can eat dinner and have fun and a little mental stimulation all at the same time.

If you are looking for a new trick to train your dog, this is a fun one. Won't your friends be impressed with your clever pooch!

The Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine is 33cm tall, made of metal (the red parts), polypropylene (the base), and acrylic (the globe). It also has a 1 year guarantee!

Sure your dog needs a gumball machine like a fish needs a bicycle - but it's really, really cool! Who's a clever puppy then?!

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$129.97 (each)
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