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Humane Ultrasonic
No Bark Collar

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Don't Risk Losing Your Dog Because of Nuisance Barking:
Is your dog's barking driving you (and your neighbours) crazy? Barking dogs are the number one cause of neighbourhood disputes - did you know that in some cases, the council can even step in and remove your dog? Don't let your dog's barking be the cause of a dispute between you and your neighbours!

Introducing the Solution: The Humane No Shock Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar for Dogs!

We don't much like the idea of bark control shock collars, which, not only delivering a really nasty and inhumane jolt, are now illegal in many states. And Citronella Collars, whilst very effective in assisting with problem barking cases, can unfortunately be outside the budget of many dog owners. The Humane Ultrasonic Bark Collar therefore, presents a great solution to a big problem, but at a small cost.

Will your dog stop barking completely? As it is of course in a dog's nature to bark and their job to warn us if something is amiss that we need to investigate, you will usually find that your dog will still bark ocassionally, just one or two quick barks to let you know he thinks something needs checking out. (Asking a dog to stop barking completely is like asking a human to never talk again). But follow the training schedule and you will find the painfully annoying, "on-and-on" nuisance barking will cease!

Will it work with your dog?
More than likely yes, the ultrasonic stop bark training collar has an 85% success rate! And infinitely kinder than a painful electric shock to your dog which is, after all, only behaving as nature intended.

Training Notes:
Please note for full effectiveness, it may take up to 3-4 weeks for your dog to be fully trained using the Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar. (May require additional/longer training in multiple dog homes.)

Please be aware that Ultrasonic training is most effective on dogs who are sensitive to loud and/or sudden noises and is not always as effective on particularly stubborn or hard-to-train dogs who may also need additional training measures.

To determine if your dog is a good candidate for ultrasonic training, try dropping a length of chain or set of keys, (or something similar) on the ground when your dog is excited/distracted by something else and not watching you. If he appears startled by the noise, it is likely he will react well to ultrasonic training. If not, you may find that another training method, either by itself or in conjunction with the Ultrasonic collar, may be more suitable for your particular dog. (Yes, the Ultrasonic collar can certainly be used in conjunction with additional training measures, which will both increase your ongoing and long-term success rate and decrease the training time that may be required).

The Ultrasonic Stop Bark Collar is the smallest on the market:
weighing only 30 grams and measuring a tiny 4.5cm L x 2.7cm D x 3cm W - suitable for the smallest dog. These collars are not just for small dogs however, they have been just as effective on our large German Shepherd as they have on our tiny Chihuahua.

Your Ultrasonic Bark Buster Dog Collar set comes complete with a smart red nylon collar with quick release snap buckle, an ultrasonic unit complete with replaceable battery, and bark control Training DVD*, to better help you understand how to modify your dog's unwanted barking behaviour. *Please note: Video pictured is now presented in DVD format.

How does the Ultra-Sonic Anti Bark Collar work?
The Ultrasonic Bark Collar unit nestles comfortably at your dog's throat (no nasty prongs as found on the bark control shock collars) and a small microphone picks up on the vibrations of your dog's bark, administering a short sharp ultrasonic tone which your dog finds unpleasant. The dog soon learns to associate the tone as a punishment for his barking, and will learn that in order to make the sound stop, he has to stop barking. (Please note that for full effectiveness, it may take up to 3-4 weeks for your dog to be fully trained). The bark collar has an adjustable sensitivity range and uses painless sonic tone to modify your dog's unwanted barking behaviour.

Will the Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar harm my or my dog's hearing?
No. The ultrasonic sound is entirely safe and cannot in any way harm the you or your dog - its effectiveness comes from the fact that dogs find this particular sound to be extremely irritating, so much so that with training and repetition, they will associate their unwanted behaviour (i.e., the barking) with the unpleasant ultrasonic correction, learning that if they stop barking, the unpleasant sound will also stop.

Will I be able to hear the Ultrasonic No Bark Collar?
A Dog's hearing is greatly advanced to that of humans, and they hear in a range far greater to ours. Whilst you will hear a short sharp "pip" type noise when the anti bark collar is activated (this is to let you know the stop bark collar is working), the sound the dog hears is different (a bit like a jumbo jet landing overhead). The sound you will hear is a bit like the electronic "pips" from a smoke alarm that needs it battery changing.

What if the Ultra Sonic Stop Bark Collar doesn't work on my dog?
Please see our return policy for details on our training items assistance programme.

If your dog's barking is driving you crazy and upsetting your neighbours, don't delay any futher - buy an ultrasonic bark control collar now!

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