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Cool Cat
Jungle Gym

The Cure for Couch Potato Kitties!

Does your kitty’s “meow meow meow” translate into “bored, bored, bored” (punctuated by a great big fat YAWN)?

With the growing trend towards fulltime indoor cats (indeed, it is now against the law in many states to let your cat roam), we are facing an epidemic of Kitty Couch Potatoes! Whilst an indoor life is infinitely safer for both your cat and the wildlife outdoors, it can be a real struggle to keep your kitty entertained and amused – did you know that cats can actually suffer from depression and behavioural problems if they do not receive enough activity and mental stimulation? Sad, but unfortunately quite true.

However, help is now at hand! Get up off the couch you lazy pussycats, we have found a great new product to keep you amused for hours! (Drumroll please…)


One of the most innovative pieces of cat furniture we have seen, the three felines we share our home with have given it a big paws up (that translates to a big thumbs up in human terms).

The Cool Cat Jungle Gym has kept our cats amused for hours – vertical and horizontal tunnels; fuzzy hanging toys; enticing obstacles and jumping platforms with rustly swishy fabric – it’s a real cat adventure park!

Lightweight yet Robust and Durable Construction to Suit Most Size Cats:

Made of rugged PVC and durable nylon in a space-saving corner design the Cool Cat Jungle Gym measures approximately 76cm x 76cm x 76cm. A tower consisting of two hidey-hole cubes form the centre structure, with breezy hammocks either side (perfect for lying on and swatting at unsuspecting kitties on the ground floor, say our cats). A vertical ramp to the top floor and enticing furry dangling toys complete the exciting ensemble.

Easy and quick to assemble (no tools required), the Cool Cat Jungle Gym really is the perfect antidote for the bored and lazy cat. Convert your kitty from a depressed couch potato to an active and happy feline within minutes.

Don’t delay – save your pussycat from boredom and depression – Buy Now!

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$97.93 (each)
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