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Ruff Doggie
Water Bowl Minder

Water Minder Lets You Know When the Bowl is Empty!

Ever walk past your dog's water dish and get that horrible guilty feeling when you realise it's empty? Ever look into your dog's eyes and feel he's trying to tell you something (like, I'm THIRSTY!)?

Thirst is a terrible condition for human or dog, but unfortunately your dog can't talk to tell you that his water bowl needs refilling. Now he has someone to do the talking for him: Ruff Doggie Water Bowl Minder!

Simply attach the Water Minder to the side of any standard water dish. The water minder's long tongue sits in the water and has a small sensor that will activate when the water level is too low.

Never Let Your Dog Go Thirsty Again!

He'll then let you know that Fido's bowl need's filling: "Hey, My Bowl is Empty!", "Did you forget about Me?", "I'm Thirsty!", are just a few of the random reminders that you will hear whenever the water in your dog's bowl gets too low. He'll continue reminding you approximately every 10 minutes until you refill the bowl or turn him off.

Ruff Doggie Water Bowl minder measures approximately 10.5 cm tall x 8.5 cm wide x 8cm deep. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Don't let your dog go thirsty another day. Buy a Ruff Doggie Water Bowl Minder now.

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$24.99 (each)
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