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Your personal and credit card information is
safe and secure when you shop with Critter Cottage!

Crittercottage uses the strongest level of SSL encryption available when processing your credit card details. Our secure payment gateway employs industry standard SSL 128-bit data encryption using internationally trusted certificates, and our secure server is protected by the latest in firewall technology. These measures ensure your information is kept private and protected throughout the payment process.

Your credit card details are not stored anywhere on the Internet and we do not at any time have access to your full credit card details. The only company who has access to this data is the merchant bank. These secure processes provide you with total peace of mind when purchasing online at Critter Cottage.

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Amaton International Pty Ltd
ABN: 40 103 070 355

What does all that technical talk really mean?
In a nutshell, SSL provides a secure connection between your computer and the Critter Cottage payment processor - think of it like a titanium-reinforced tunnel with 6-foot solid concrete walls - with your computer at one end and our payment processor at the other - and no doors or windows for anyone to get in.

"Data Encryption" means that the information you type is scrambled into a very complex code before it leaves your computer for its journey through that secure tunnel to our processor - a code that only our payment processor has the "key" to unlock, read and understand.

So the SSL "tunnel" means that no one can view your information when it leaves your computer and makes its electronic journey to our payment processor. The "128-bit data encryption" means that even if they could get into the tunnel to see the information on its journey, they couldn't possibly understand it - your information has been encrypted and only our payment processor has the "key" to unlock and read the code.

Some people seem to be hesitant to shop online using their credit card because they are worried it may be unsafe. The truth, however, is that the protection offered by SSL 128-bit data encryption is generally safer than if you use your credit card at a physical store or restaurant. When you make a purchase at a physical store, there is a trail of paper left behind you, containing your credit card number for anyone to read and copy.

How can I tell if my information is secure?
When you come across a web page that is secured, your browser should display a closed padlock or similar symbol to inform you that SSL has been enabled (symbol varies from browser to browser). The web site address should also now start with "https://" rather than the usual "http://". On the page where we ask for your credit card details (this is where you enter our secure server), you will see a closed lock symbol, and our address will change from http:// to https:// - showing you that you have entered the secure server, or SSL area of the website.

If SSL is so safe, why is it only used at payment time - why isn't it used on your web site all the time?
As all the information being sent via SSL is being put through an encryption process instead of being sent "plain", both the server and your computer take longer to process the coded data. The speed difference may not be noticeable on a single page, but if all of a website's pages were encrypted, the server's performance could be significantly reduced and would take much longer to load into your browser.


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Amaton International Pty Ltd
T/A Critter Cottage

ABN: 40 103 070 355